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Iceservers.net is one of the leading Icelandic dedicated server and VPS provider websites. All information about our solutions are also available in English. Our servers come with complete satisfaction guarantee and 99,9% uptime guarantee. Below you can see the packages we are currently offering. Our data center for all the servers is located in Iceland.





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Dedicated Server - Level 1
• Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 (Quad Core)
• 500 GB Hard Drive
• 10 TB Bandwidth
• 5 Dedicated IPs

Dedicated Server - Level 2
• Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 (Quad Core)
• 500 GB Hard Drive
• 10 TB Bandwidth
• 5 Dedicated IPs

Dedicated Server - Level 3
• Intel Xeon E3-1220v2 (Quad Core)
• 750 GB Hard Drive
• 15 TB Bandwidth
• 5 Dedicated IPs

Dedicated Server - Level 4
• Two Intel Xeon E5-2403 (Quad Core)
• 1000 GB Hard Drive
• 20 TB Bandwidth
• 5 Dedicated IPs



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Why rent servers from Iceland?

Mid-way location between Europe and America
- Satisfy customers in both continents with great connection speed. Here are a few examples regarding the latency:

- London, UK. 17 ms - Amsterdam, Netherlands. 17 ms - Stockholm, Sweden. 17 ms
- Frankfurt, Germany. 19 ms - Paris, France. 20 ms - New York, USA. 30 ms

Freedom of expression:
- Iceland is a totally independent nation. Our "freedom of expression" legislation (Icelandic Modern Media Initiative "IMMI") provides safe haven for leakers, publishers, journalists and bloggers to host their websites in a country where they aren't being harassed. Iceland is outside of America and not part of the European Union. You can read more about the freedom of expression in Iceland here.

- We are providing a wide variety of servers in Iceland with the most affordable prices. Starting from only    29.90 € per month for VPS and 199 € for dedicated server. You can choose the billing cycle that fits the best for your purposes. There are no hidden fees or costs. You can pay securely by credit card, E-check, PayPal or wire transfer. No contract is needed.

- Security is our top priority. Our data center has diesel backup power engine, alarm system with surveillance cameras and Inergen fire protection.

- All of our servers are connected to high speed backbone network. That is how we can ensure you can always remotely access your server fast, where ever in the world you are. All our services come with a satisfaction guarantee and 99,9% guaranteed uptime.

- What you need right now is what you are paying for. We don't charge extra if you wish to add more hardware to your server in the future. You will only pay the difference for the upgrade. All our server solutions can be customized for your needs of disk space and bandwidth.

Help desk:
- Professional customer care will be assisting you always when you need help. You can contact our help desk by phone or email 24/7/365.

Save nature:
- All our servers are running on 100% renewable energy. By choosing "green servers" you are helping to prevent the climate change.

What is the difference between shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and dedicated servers?

Shared hosting is the most common hosting solution when it comes to hosting smaller websites (sites for personal profiles or websites for smaller businesses and organizations). Shared hosting is rather inexpensive way to rent a small share of a server for your needs of hosting your website. Downsides about shared hosting are that there are many websites hosted under same IP address. Many cheap hosting providers oversell their hosting plans, causing too much stress for the server and making it work unstable. Shared hosting is also very limited when it comes to customizing it's resources.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the solution in between shared hosting and dedicated servers. As well as shared hosting it is a partition of a server but it gives you the same freedom to customize it as dedicated server does. You have certain amount of RAM-memory and disk space on use. You can add as many dedicated IP addresses to your VPS plan as you like. With full root access you are able to manage your server yourself. VPS is a fairly inexpensive solution compared to dedicated servers still giving you the freedom of one.

Dedicated servers are used to host professional websites that use heavy scripts and higher amount traffic. Having a dedicated server gives you benefits to fully customize the hardware and software side for your needs. You are able to host many websites on same server or divide the server to smaller partitions (Virtual Private Servers). If you choose fully managed dedicated server you don't however have to worry about taking care of the technical side because the service provider will take care of that for you.


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